university commons


Installation for the George K. Brushaber Commons at Bethel University.

university commons is a series of site responsive experiments towards revolutionary becoming. What architectures and actions are needed in order to enable assembly, coalition, and critical discourse in the 21st century? How do contemporary (and not so contemporary) systems of violence and surveillance disable historic ideals of a public? intimacy? transparent democracy? Architectures of medieval futures and clandestine forums reconfigure Bethel University’s Brushaber Commons to respond to these concerns. Speculative interventions obstruct surveillance, complicate ideology, host discursive study, and imbricate subjectivities in a timespacematter for life, together.


  1. Cyanotypes, plywood bookshelves, table, chairs, fabric.
  2. Books compiled in collaboration with the university library, with generous contributions by the departments of art, sociology, and reconciliation studies.

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