Imaginaries of the Future Symposium

CSUN and the MAIN Museum
March 12—13, 2018


How can we move beyond the territorialized and rigid formation of traditional identities to speak instead of unfolding identities engaged in multiple simultaneous processes of collective becoming? How does migration contribute to the construction of new and unfolding imaginaries of the future? How do we imagine our survival? This symposium will foster an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and imaginaries of possible futures. Engaging a multicultural group of philosophers, cultural critics, art historians, political theorists, and artists, conversations will unpack the future as a concept that contains potentialities for the construction of nomadic collective subjectivities across borders, cultures, space, and time. This two-day event will take place at California State University, Northridge on Monday, March 12, and at Beta Main on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

Confirmed speakers include: An Yountae, Nao Bustamante, Andy Campbell, Douglas Carranza, Beatriz Cortez, Kyle Johanson, Kang Seung Lee, Héctor Leyva, Nancy Perez, Rigo 23, Pablo José Ramirez, Ricardo Roque Baldovinos, and Pavithra Prasad.

Sponsored by the Department of Central American Studies and the Central American Research and Policy Institute (CARPI), with additional support from the College of Humanities Academic Programming Fund, the American Indian Studies Program, the Departments of Communication Studies, Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, and Religious Studies at California State University, Northridge, as well as The Main Museum in Los Angeles.

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