curtain call-out couture:
i am afraid isn’t just the way it is

February 08—March 14, 2020
Bill’s Auto

curtain call-out couture: i am afraid isn’t just the way it is is an installation composed of a graphite drawing and a commodity who speaks in a waiting room shielded from electromagnetic radiation. Toni gave us a place to sit and rest, somewhere between love and paranoia, subject and object, thinking and feeling, for a little polite theater.

This site-responsive work meditates on various roles anxiety plays regarding cultural hegemony, Antonio Gramsci’s theory describing how the state and ruling capitalist class use cultural institutions and ideology to maintain power. How has daily social life and cultural production within social networks and virtual environments advanced these tactics? Hegemonic culture propagates its own values and norms so that they become the “common sense” values of all and thus maintain the status quo. In an age of climate crisis, identitarian violence, media influencers, hyper-surveillance, and universal debt, has anxiety become “common sense?” and if so, what’s love got to do with it?


  1. Electromagnetic radiation-shielding aluminum faraday cage
  2. Millennial pink curtain in Soft&Safe™ electromagnetic shielding fabric
  3. 256 anxieties collected from an anonymous survey posted to the artist’s social media platforms as well as the artist’s own anxieties. (on and under a ground of BEHR© MARQUEE one-coat interior latex in New Age Blue with a wash of white) / whispered entries recorded on and played through an iPhone  / acrylic on canvas, 47 inches square / 4 hours 53 minutes 44 seconds on a loop
  4. Graphite drawing of a love letter (a composite text sourced from 22 letters written by the artist to loved ones, inspired in part by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s essay “Facing the Challenge of a New Age” published in 1957), 36 inches square
  5. Toni’s chair

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