Carris Adams, Pleasure, 2020. Downloadable digital print. Courtesy of the artist.

“Another Idea: an actual conceptual art exhibition” at Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry – hosted on

Mousse Magazine
June 26, 2020

Hosted on & elsewhere.


Before the global pandemic broke out, it seemed for a brief moment that we might be on the verge of bidding adieu to the internet- that we once again might be social without the help of digital media, that we might be able to kick our screen addiction. But that all changed with the arrival of COVID 19 and the need (and compulsion) to spend more and more time connecting on-line resumed with urgency. In this rush to re-engage with each other on the internet, we were able to feel comforted from being in touch virtually, yet we have also registered the intense psychological strain of augmenting our quarantined existence with the virtual. What’s more, this virtual space has already been monopolized by large tele-media corporations from Google to YouTube to Zoom and back again. What recourse does art have in such a hyper-mediated and corporatized environment? The legacy of Conceptual Art seems to offer one possibility. Another Idea proposes not a virtual exhibition but an actual conceptual art exhibition.

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