Courtesy of Anita Evans.

Quantum Unlearning Symposium: Charles Gaines, Gabriela Barreto Lemos, Kyle Bellucci Johanson and Kathryn Schaffer

e-flux Education Announcement
January 24, 2018


“Quantum unlearning” refers to the process of deep questioning that quantum physics demands from us: through physics we discover that the universe does not respect our intuitive notions about subjectivity, objectivity, knowability, categorization, and even existence itself. In this symposium we ask whether these facts of matter matter, to individuals and communities seeking to address problems far beyond the physics lab. Bringing scientists, scholars, and artists into conversation, we set the stage to productively dismantle, complicate, and overlap our preconceptions about what it means to know, relate, and act in the world.

This symposium begins with an introduction to quantum physics and a set of framing questions, adding insights and questions from our keynote speakers, and from a panel of SAIC student & alumni. These sessions will build up to a sustained and moderated conversation between our three keynote speakers, to which audience members and other speakers are invited to contribute.

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