Collision & Repeat:
an intra-active multiphonic semiotic performance

2017 & 2015

Our work together centers on ideas of time, embodied memory, and ancestral imaginaries. We are interested in a ‘beyond’ of perceived peripheries regarding sound, language, and representation. We are uncertain but suspicious of these liminal spaces and activities of unknowing and unlearning… for their revolutionary potential energies.

Collision & Repeat operates with a notion of intradisciplinarity and intra-action as a third space, a particular thing, a decentered experiment in becoming, together. Architectures of performance, sculpture, moving image, and assembly are inverted and imbricated in order to disorder control systems, surveillance and panoptic spectatorship. Plans, research, and projected knowledge unfold, display, and replay on an infinite surface of a moebian band, viewable an unviewable from all perspectives.

Performed on the cello, multiphonic sound is present in-between harmonic nodes, in the portion of string that they share. The layering of different harmonic worlds creates a complex sound hard to decode and capture, resisting reproduction or representation. This multiphonic sound conjures and reverberates pre-renaissance Sardinian harmonic singing known as tenores, enacting a spectre performance akin to what we believe Fred Moten would refer to as “before and before.” We retell, reverberate and mutate secret stories under our breath, between our bodies and beyond our reach. We have set some elements in motion and cannot control them.

Collision & Repeat is a collaboration between Stellan Veloce and Kyle Bellucci Johanson. This installation/performance was produced and performed at California Institute of the Arts in Valencia California in the fall of 2015, and re-performed in Berlin on Thursday, May 4, 2017 at ALTES FINANZAMT.



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