Making Plans exhibition catalog essay

Human Resources
March 18—26, 2017


“Can an institution bear the weight of its own value?...If you had a particular experience...which feels unlikely to be possible in the future, how do you smuggle that experience into the world so that it continues to develop? I’m not so much despairing as asking a question about making plans.”1
— Fred Moten

Moten’s quandary deals with institutions and the values placed on the objects and bodies therein. The prevention of viable strategies (i.e, “change”) from implementation occurs because the structures through which these plans are made are already broken. Making Plans investigates notions of labor and power in the shadow of so-called “late capitalism.” However critical of this system, each of the players become complicit in its execution. Making Plans does not present a blueprint for solving these problems, but asks for conditions to actively prepare for something else.

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