Apollo (11)(11): 5wallsandtableonthemoon,
or We came in Peace for All.

July 20, 2019
11:11AM—07:11PM PST (free; enter and exit at any time)

Presented at MOCAM (Museum of Contemporary Art on the Moon) and AUTOMATA, this project was a collaboration with Tim Tsang to create a long-form performative activity, featuring a 8 hour live talk show//picnic, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. Guests, hosted both in person and through virtual means, were invited to come talk about ideas/politics/culture in a transtemporal and personal kind of way.

Hosted by Tim Tsang and Kyle Bellucci Johanson
with Scarlett Kim

Live-streamed in collaboration with Julio Orta, director of MOCAM (Museum of Contemporary Art on the Moon)

(livestreamed @ mocam.space)
(realest in-person-experience @ Automata - 504 Chung King Ct, Los Angeles)

KBJ+TT: Apollo (11)(11): 5wallsandtableonthemoon is a long-form performative activity, like a talk show, or a picnic that happens on the moon, at the Museum of Contemporary Art on the Moon (MOCAM). We’re gonna have invited guests come talk about all the ideas/politics/culture the moon landing represented, represents, and can represent. Concepts like representation of reality, truth, ideology, intersubjectivity, and power. And there is the picnic with moon food. We’re going to bring some artwork with us too, transtemporal artworks and things like that.

JO: That sounds fantastic.

TT: We’re gonna read the transcript of the original landing Apollo 11 there, a script of the dialogue recorded by Houston so all of that will be happening, projecting thru the spacetimematter with green screens, screen screens, and projections into the space.

JO: That sounds fantastic, I thought you’re gonna do it in Chicago, so it’s gonna be a livestream?

KBJ: Ya originally we were thinking of doing it in Chicago, but then it made more sense to do it in Los Angeles. Tim has a wife and son, so its easier for me to travel out there and I’m not working during the summer, also we didn’t want to do this remotely as if we were streaming from here and he was streaming from there.

JO: Oh yah cool.

KBJ: It’d be interesting to think about structuring some of what we’re doing, less like using it as a metaphor, para(ll)e(ll)ing that journey in some kinda way…the transcript deposits specific moments that seem important points in constellation in getting to the moon. Those nodes can instigate specific activities; they don’t need to correlate, but used as an improvisational structure, a way of mapping.

TT: Ya, here’s a list:
People: Julio, Sam, Scarlett, Von, Kathryn, Txgen
Stuff: 40” TV (clock), tim’s laptop, tim’s iphone #1, tim’s iphone #2, kyle’s laptop (wifi), kyle’s ipad (wifi, play pre-recorded vids), kyle’s iphone (4G), scarlett’s laptop, scarlett’s projector(?), 2 greenscreens (1 6’x9’, 1 10x20s), a lot greenscreen toys, walkietalkies 1 to 1, webcam, closed circuit cameras, greenscreen for floor?, picnic blanket, booties, remote control car.

SK: Then there are physical hubs to be aware of, the digital hubs to be aware of/participating with, the fb stream, MOCAM stream, physical audience and activities. I understand your challenge to maintain a free space for improv, emergent behaviors, understanding the potential of what’s there, potential is limitless when you open channels, but it is also hard to make implications that are strong and felt.

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